all about me

By:Raiden Oebel

Hi my name is Raiden this is about me my life what happened in my life everything.

the first experiment I did was a spinning motor it was a good time, I was with my dad and my mom it was good .”if you click on Experiment 2, it will show you how to make it”I will type more stuff later. Ok I got to do experiments a lot I,m about to do chemistry(today 3-14-2015!!!)I was 6-7~8)Ever when I did science I just like it!!!its cool I like chemical reactions I just like science.I just did chemistry I made rocket fuel in a moment i’ll tell how I made it . And i i never play games  But now i play one game “League Of Legends”Now i’m 8 years old ,and sense i’m 8 years old i like to study a lot, the person i watch is named            Bob Tabor!