Experiment 2 Mortor


hi I’m raiden oebel this will tell you what you need to put together to make it.take a cylinder put copper around it to 10-20 times leave some out.use the extra and titan it to make a circle.there should be some extra again get a marker shade both  half of both end,s .(your making a motor)Get 2jumbo paperclips,bend 1 side of both paperclips there should be a oval in both of them.get a peace of foam,place both paperclips on the same angle in the foam.get a big strong magnet we will get to that part later,place your copper circle beteen  the paperclips place the magnet under the copper circle.put wires 2 wires positive and negative on the bottom of the of the paperclips,and hook it up on a D-battery.And there you have it a motor.