How to make a Barometer

By : Raiden Oebel

This is pictures of my Barometer. You must have a mason jar.  Take a 2 inch wide balloon or a 1 inch balloon. Stretch it over  the mouth of the jar.  And put a rubber band around it to secure it in place.

Now on top of the jar, put a cut straw on the center, so that one end of the straw goes over the edge of the jar as a measuring needle. Tape the straw to the jar. look in the pictures to get the idea. Now make a high and low pressure meter with a pen and paper. Low pressure goes to the top high pressure goes to the bottom. When it’s low pressure there is higher possibility of rain. Very sensitive instruments can measure the smallest barometer changes. This is a home made one and only detects right as the rain is occurring.

When it’s going to rain, and pressure is going to be lower the balloon will suck inwards like in my picture during a rainy day.  During normal day and temperature the straw will be level. When it gets hot the air in the jar will expand resulting in high pressure reading.

Barometer1 Barometer2